Who would have thought I would be blogging? Seriously I was one of those social workers who had to be forced to put down their pen and paper to touch a computer keyboard.I remember being in the field using a beeper trying to find a home for a runaway teen after 5 pm on a Friday night and not being about to find a working pay phone on the south-side of town.Times have definitely changed.

Fast forward 25 years ahead and I find myself a single mom to 2 biological daughters , 1 adopted son and 1 son in the process of being adopted as well as a career that keeps finding me no matter where I run. I have experienced the life’s up and downs and survived working in a dysfunctional child welfare system but still have an internal heartbeat that is truly “rainbow bright”. Don”t laugh… when they asked for strength based workers I was a natural. and excitedly jumped up and down yelling ” pick me! pick me!”.

I have joined the world of story telling because no one would ever believe the moments that are etched in my brain, and as and I get older and more forgetful from teenage mommy hood they are poignant enough to make a difference in this world.

Thank you for listening… and letting me share. It will be a journey together!

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