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“Connie has so much knowledge about navigating the foster/adoption system. She is a great resource!”

- Laurie Levine

“I heard Connie speak at a foster parent training event. She was inspirational and educational.”

- Anonymous

“As a speaker, Connie is re-energizing for anyone who is feeling defeated.”

- Laryssa, Adoptive Parent

“Connie is a very motivating, supportive speaker. She’s real and honest, walking the path right along with you and sharing your experiences.”

- Amy, Adoptive Parent

“I have known Connie professionally for over a decade. She is a great advocate and truly understands child welfare and all its complexities.”

- Barry Chaffkin, LCSW, CEO, Fostering Change For Children

“Connie has been in my life for over 11 years. She guided me through the adoption process and continues to offer to me her expertise and advice.”

- Jane Schirripa, Adoptive Parent

“Connie is very knowledgeable and passionate about adoption. I often call on her for support and answers when dealing with situations as a foster/adoptive parent.”

- Jeannette Ringeisen

“At a time when I really needed parenting advice, Connie was there to provide guidance. She helped me see things in a different light, and it changed how I parent my child.”

- Patty

“Connie’s concern doesn’t end when the paperwork is complete or the case is closed. As her two adopted sons demonstrate, she walks the walk; not just talks the talk. She works tirelessly on behalf of children who desperately need a forever family. I value her expertise, and she is my go-to person when I’ve run out of ideas.”

- Carol V. Allen, Guardian Ad Litem/CASA

“Connie helped us navigate through the enormous sea of red tape and all the delays that came with our son’s adoption. Working with her was an absolute pleasure. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone but Connie to help us through our adoption journey!”

- Shelly & Family

“Connie is a great advocate for adoptive families. She knows the journey from every side and from within.”

- Lisa

“Connie is the most caring and inspirational woman I know. Her passion for kids is remarkable!”

- Krista, Adoptive Parent

“Connie knows exactly what to say (because she knows it all!) and is able to encourage those of us who are working/have worked through the system to keep on going. It doesn’t get much better than Connie!”

- Audrey Dantowitz, Adoptive Parent

“Connie was so giving of her time, kindness and knowledge when I was in the process of adopting my children, who have medical issues. She is an amazing person who is dedicated to helping children and supporting those who care for them.”

- Amy, Adoptive Parent

“Connie is an encyclopedia of knowledge! Since she’s been in our shoes, she knows better than most the struggles many adoptive parents face.”

- Laryssa, Adoptive Parent

“Connie has provided knowledge and hope throughout our adoption journey. She has connected us with others who have similar stories, providing a safe community to discuss our ‘reality.’”

- Brad Borsuk & Johnny Ballard, Adoptive Parents

“Connie has extensive knowledge in all areas of adoption. She was a lead caseworker when we adopted our son, she led a support group that has helped us grow as adoptive parents, and she has become both a great friend and supporter. Her ability to understand the situation both professionally and personally gives her uncommon insight.”

- Nancy Jansen, Adoptive Parent