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The experience of fostering, adopting or parenting a child from challenging circumstances is life-changing. It’s also complex, emotional and unpredictable. That’s where Connie Going can help. Connie has spent over 25 years working in the child welfare system and is the adoptive parent of two teens. As an educator and award-winning advocate, she provides resources, consulting and other support for families and caregivers.

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Broken… Ever look at your house and realize how many things are broken? Most parents can respond…”Well, that’s just kids” and my  quick retort back is “That’s not MY Kids”.  Truth. Fact. My chosen life. In my  life before children I was never the perfect housekeeper and I  believe it’s okay for a house to […]

Blog Image: Surviving

Surviving the Storm…Inside & Out

As Hurricane Matthew bares down on the States we are all worried about what will happen and what effect it will have on us personally. There are standard guides for how much water and food to get and how to “hunker” down, but do we talk about the emotional toll on our children? Especially those […]

Blog Image: Erasing Racial

Erasing Racial Identity

Lets talk honestly and put everything on the table. I adopted my son because I love him and because he asked me. After watching him struggle for years in Foster Care , and watching the system first ignore him then use him when his story went viral I knew immediately when he asked me to […]

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“Connie has so much knowledge about navigating the foster/adoption system. She is a great resource!”

Laurie Levine

“I heard Connie speak at a foster parent training event. She was inspirational and educational.”


“As a speaker, Connie is re-energizing for anyone who is feeling defeated.”

Laryssa, Adoptive Parent

For Parents

Connie has spent over 25 years helping parents tackle some of the toughest challenges possible. Whether you’re fostering, adopting, raising a child impacted by trauma or tackling everyday parenting struggles, you can find life-changing information and support here.

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For Agencies

Connie’s insider and outsider knowledge of the child welfare system make her an invaluable partner for agencies. As a consultant, she offers proven strategies and the unique perspective of a longtime system professional/advocate and an adoptive parent herself.

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