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Parent Resources

Connie has spent over 25 years helping parents tackle some of the toughest challenges possible. Whether you’re fostering, adopting, raising a child impacted by trauma or tackling everyday parenting struggles, you can find life-changing information and support here.

Free Resources

  • Parent Newsletter: A monthly compilation of expert advice, strategies & support for your parenting journey. Subscribe instantly using the form below.
  • Past Issues: Issue dates/links to files, or link to separate archive.
  • Social Media Communities: Follow Connie on Facebook and Twitter for candid conversations, updates and opportunities to connect with other parents.
  • Adoptive Support Group:: Share your adoption journey with Connie and other adoptive parents in this private, dynamic Facebook group.
  • “My Real Life” Blog: Connie’s insights on real parenting challenges, strategies for authentic, effective parenting and more.
  • Gatherings/Community Events: Watch the newsletter and social media for upcoming events with Connie.

Consulting Services

Through private consultations, Connie helps clients navigate every aspect of parenting. Adoptive and foster parents benefit from her extensive experience in the child welfare/adoption arena, where she has worked in nearly every capacity and completed more than 1,000 permanent adoptions.

For Adoptive/Foster Parents

As a consultant for adoptive and foster parents, Connie provides assistance with:

  • Choosing the type of adoption/fostering that’s right for you.

  • Navigating the child welfare system

  • Preparing for your home study and the results.

  • Understanding the Adoption Review Committee and preparing for the administrative review process.

  • Matching with your child

  • Navigating child study reviews.

  • Understanding your child’s file

  • Accessing and maximizing adoption subsidies.

  • Accessing support services

  • Resolving sibling issues

  • Addressing biological family challenges.

Navigating residential placement.

For All Parents

Beyond the specialized issues faced by adoptive and foster parents, Connie also assists families with:

  • Parenting kids who have been impacted by trauma.
  • Tackling parenting challenges from an honest, positive place.
  • Getting results with creative, authentic parenting.

To discuss your consulting needs, please contact Connie by using our contact form on our contact page.


Connie’s insider and outsider knowledge of the child welfare system make her an invaluable partner for agencies. As a consultant, she offers proven strategies and the unique perspective of a longtime system professional/advocate and an adoptive parent herself.

Connie assists with the following:

  • Marketing and social media outreach.

  • Assessment of System of Care adoption process.

  • Implementing effective, child-specific recruitment.

  • Heart Gallery development.

  • Post-adoption program development.

“Connie has so much knowledge about navigating the foster/adoption system. She is a great resource!”

Laurie Levine

“I heard Connie speak at a foster parent training event. She was inspirational and educational.”


“As a speaker, Connie is re-energizing for anyone who is feeling defeated.”

Laryssa, Adoptive Parent